Game Changers: Boley Intercepts Romo

The Situation
      Cowboys at Giants, Week 1
       2nd Quarter, 10:46 left
      Cowboys' ball, 3rd and 8 from their own 40

The Result

Tony Romo dropped back to pass, but the pocket began to collapse on him. With Justin Tuck penetrating through the middle, Romo is forced to release the ball instead of rolling out to his left and creating space for a good throw.

While Boley will rightfully get credit for reading Romo's eyes and stepping into the passing lane, Tuck and the Giants' defensive line were equally important in disrupting Romo.

The Stat: -.22 WPA for Dallas

The Giants ended up with the ball on the 2-yard line, but setting for a field goal allowed the Cowboys to minimize the damage and ultimately win the game.

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1 Responses to “Game Changers: Boley Intercepts Romo”

  1. Jerome "The Giant" Manson says:

    The Giants D needs to step it up otherwise we will fall too far behind in our division.

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