Game Changers: Seahawks' Special Teams

The Situation, Part One

Dallas at Seattle, Week 2
Start of Game

The Result

Fullback Michael Robinson shows that he can play a little defense -- Penn State is Linebacker U, after all -- and knocks the ball free, with All-Pro safety Earl Thomas swooping in to pounce on the ball.

The Stat: +.12 WPA for Seattle

Anytime you can gain a quick boost on the first play of the game, you're in pretty good shape. While the Hawks were only able to manage a field goal, but this was only the first strike from the Special Teams unit.

The Situation, Part Deux

First Quarter, 10:28 to go
Dallas' ball, 4th and 5 from their own 21.

The Result

Malcom Smith makes a move up the middle and gets free enough to get a hand on Jones' punt. Safety Jeron Johnson picks up the free ball and works his way into the promised land for six.

The Stat: +.17 WPA for Seattle

At this point the Seahawks are up 10-0 without a real offensive possession. Playing with a physical defense at Qwest Century Link field, the game was pretty much over at this point.

Seattle would go on to win 27-7 and upset many members of the media, including Marshall Faulk. The Cowboys never had better than a 41% WP after the first play of the game.

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