Game Changers: Chandler Jones' Forced Fumble

The Situation

Patriots at Titans, Week 1
2nd Quarter, 11:16 left
Titans' ball, 3rd and 13 from their own 7

The Result

Jake Locker had a decent pocket to work with at the start, but rookie Chandler Jones abused All-World tackle Michael Roos with an outside swim and used his agility to cut back and get to Locker.

Jones forced Locker to fumble, and fellow rookie Dont'a Hightower scooped up the bouncing ball and ran it to the promised land for a touchdown.

The Stat: +.15 WPA for New England

The Patriots were already leading 7-3 at the time, but the defensive TD resulted in a 83% WP. To compare, this play was just as valuable as Tom Brady's entire game, according to our WPA metrics.

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