Washington Post: Aggressive Play Calling = Winning Play Calling

This week's post at the Post looks at the very un-Shanahanian play calling in Sunday's Redskins' upset of the Saints.

Usually on fourth and short, offenses send in goal line packages of players and plays because the situations are similar. Both scenarios call for just a short gain. But goal line situations are vastly different because additional yardage beyond the amount required is useless. The yardage beyond what is required on a fourth down in the open field is extremely valuable. Plus, forcing defenses to respect the possibility of a deep pass and defend the entire field makes it easier to convert on future fourth downs...

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1 Responses to “Washington Post: Aggressive Play Calling = Winning Play Calling”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I found the playcalling overly conservative by the Redskins. Attempting to run the clock out inside 2 minutes before halftime and running the ball 44 times (at ~ 3.5 a pop) vs 26 pass plays nearly cost Washington the game.

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